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Desert tables

Desert tables are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and I can see why!  So many times I’ve turned up to a venue and the room’s been decorated with gorgeous chair covers and table linens, there’s flowers everywhere with so much thought put in to where they’ve been placed and then there’s a big massive empty table to put the cake on all by itself and to be honest it ends up looking a bit lost

That’s why I encourage my couples to think about how they can dress their cake table as well to make sure it fits in with the whole day.  Desert tables don’t have to be overly complicated either.  Even just a couple of mini cakes to compliment the main cake or a display of cupcakes and macarons.  Maybe some flower petals around the base of the cake as well

But if you do want to go all out with it then I’m all for that as well!  Delight your guests with an array of sweet treats and really get them talking about the cake table!  There’s so many options to choose from including cake lollies, shortbread cookies, cupcakes, macarons, cake gems and more. 

Get in touch now to discuss a desert table for your big day.

Caroline Jax | Contemporary Cake Design Caroline Jax | Contemporary Cake Design