Caroline Jax Cake Studio, East Lothian

Sugar flowers on your wedding cake

I was at a wedding fair recently and a couple walked over to my table and said to me “Oh those flowers are gorgeous! What florist did you get them from?”  They were super shocked when I told them that the flowers were in fact made from sugar! (And I was super pleased that they looked so real!). They booked me on the spot!

Sugar flowers add such a wow factor to your cake and will leave your guests examining the cake trying to work out how they’ve been made (I’ve seen guests do this). They’re a fantastic keepsake and if stored properly they could be used on a future cake or given out as gifts to bridesmaids etc.  There’s so much work goes into each and every one of them that it would be such a waste not to do something with them afterwards

I’ve recently spent a lot of time (and money) improving my sugar skills and can now offer a variety of different flowers including different types of roses, peonies, dahlias, orchids, lisanthius, hydrangea, berries, filler flowers and more.  They can all be custom colour matched to fit in with your colour scheme as well and no worrying about whether a particular type of flower is in season or not.

Caroline Jax Cake Studio, East Lothian Caroline Jax Cake Studio, East Lothian