Should you have kids at your wedding?

Will you have children at your wedding?

Are you having a child friendly wedding or adults only?  It’s a decision that many couples find a tough one to decide.  You don’t want to offend your guests by saying no to children but then if everyone brings their kids then your guest list could get a bit out of hand

Perhaps you’ve got a large family and only want your immediate nieces/nephews there as they’re playing a part in your big day.  Here’s a few things to think about before you decide…..

  1. Can you actually accommodate everyone’s children? Your venue (and your budget) will have a limit to how many people you can have for day and night time.  If all your family and friends brought their kids would you actually have space for them?
  2. You need to decide right from the start what you plan on doing and stick to it. Then make sure your guests know what the plan is and the reason for it
  3. You might also be worried about how children will behave during the ceremony etc.They can be unpredictable and may become bored.  You could consider hiring a children’s entertainer to keep them occupied during the ceremony/meal.  There are so many great people out there like magicians etc that it would be a great way to keep the you (and old) ones occupied for a while
  4. Another thing to think about will be food. Will the kids like the meal you’re providing or will your venue offer a childrens menu? Most places are great at catering for so many different dietary requirements

Whether or not you’re going to invite kids to the wedding is a big decision but ultimately its up to you and your partner to do whats best for you and your big day.  Spend time discussing it before making a decision and plan ahead to forsee any eventualities and it’ll all work out fine

The biggest piece of advice I give to my couples when they come to book their cake is to remember what the whole day is ultimately about.  You’re there to declare your love for one another and to be legally married. The rest of the stuff is just stuff really and celebrating with all your family and friends around you is the best feeling in the world

Will you have kids at your wedding? Should you have kids at your wedding?